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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I frame something other than paintings

or prints ?


A: Absolutely! We can frame almost any

object you would  like to display, including 

needlework, sports jerseys, plates, tiles, masks,

medals, etc. You name it, and we've probably

framed it. Please visit the "Our Favorite

Projects" page to see some examples of what

we've framed. 


Q: How long does it take?


A: Most frame jobs take between ten days and

two weeks. More complicated jobs and those

for which we have to special order materials

may take a little longer. Because we do all of our production on site, we can usually handle emergency projects with same day or one day turnaround when necessary.


Q: What is archival framing ?


A: Archival framing, also known as preservation framing or museum framing, can be defined by two important characteristics. First, the framing is completely reversible . . . that is, artwork is mounted in such a way that it can be removed from the frame with no evidence that it was ever framed. And, second, the artwork is framed in an environment where it is protected from the effects of light, chemical change, insects, and air pollutants. This is accomplished by allowing only acid free, inert materials to come in contact with the artwork and using UV protecting glass or acrylic to prevent fading and deterioration.


Q: Is it worth having my older pieces reframed ?


A: Archival framing is actually a fairly recent concept. If you have pieces that were framed more than 10 or 15 years ago, they were probably done before acid free materials, conservation glass, and archival techniques were readily available or well understood. If you notice that your mats are yellowing or fading, that your dust cover is torn, or that your piece is backed with cardboard, you should bring it in. We'll be happy to evaluate it and recommend ways to preserve it.   



Q: How do I care for framed art?


A: There are a number of simple things you can do  

    to protect your framed pieces . . . 


     -  When hanging artwork . . .

          - Use the hook(s) we provide . . . don't hang     

            your artwork from a nail or adhesive hanger.

          - Don't hang artwork in direct sunlight, even if

            it is framed with UV protecting glass.

          - Don't hang it too close to a heat source or in 

            an excessively damp location.


     - When cleaning artwork . . . 

          - Avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia 

          - Do not spray glass cleaner directly onto the 

            glass, especially if it is hanging. Spray the 

            cloth or paper towel and then wipe the glass.

          - Dust the frame with a soft cloth or feather

            duster. Don't use furniture polish or any other cleaner.

          - Do not clean acrylic with paper towels. Use     

            only a very soft cloth. Acrylic scratches easily.

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